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3 things your startup should consider outsourcing

In the competitive world of startups, founders should focus on core business operations without distractions. But at the initial stages of business expansion, funds,...

The $24 billion chatbot industry sucks because it needs better AI

In 2014, WIRED would profile a “boring” company called Slack beginning a media and venture-based obsession with bringing chat to every corner of our...

This Nintendo Switch adapter addresses one of our biggest annoyances

Last November, Nintendo “fixed” what is perhaps the one glaring deficit on its most adaptable console to date: lack of support for any headphones...

This YouTube channel is nothing but a guy eating everything

A series of YouTube videos showing a man eating food hit the internet today. No that’s not a joke. It’s short clips of a...

Academic expert says Google and Facebook’s AI researchers aren’t doing science

The field of artificial intelligence, to those on the outside, must appear to be an orderly gathering of intellectuals collaborating at the cutting edge...

Report: Apple’s iPhone 6 has the highest failure rate among iPhones...

A recent study of the past five years’ worth of iPhone releases saw that the iPhone 6 was, hands down, the worst Apple handset...

Facebook’s fight against fake news stops short of banning it

As Facebook continues its alleged fight against fake news, it’s been undermined this week by a comment made by an executive that makes it seem...

Apple brings True Tone to (some) external monitors

As an Android and Windows type of guy, I’ve been jealous of True Tone on Apple devices. The feature, which adjusts your display’s white...

Techies leave the likes of Apple and Amazon for greener pastures...

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all suffered black eyes in the media as reports each were individually involved in dubious government projects have unfolded....

Photoshop is reportedly coming to the iPad – for real this...

Adobe might finally bring a complete Photoshop app to mobile devices, iPads in particular, by next year. If so, it’ll have to offer tools...

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